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News Release: Float To Debut At New York Comic Con

NEWS RELEASE: NEW GRAPHIC NOVEL REVEALS THE TRUTHS ABOUT ANXIETY New York, September 1, 2017 — In support of World Mental Health Day, award-winning illustrator Howie Noel will release his latest graphic novel, Float, detailing his personal battle with anxiety at New York Comic Con. Float, a semi-autobiographical graphic memoir with accompanying concept album by musician Victor Guest, lays bear the impact anxiety has had on…

howie & shelley before anxiety

Before Anxiety

When I first met Howie I was 19. I was drawn to his quirky, vintage style (thrift store shopping was a shared love), his inventiveness and passion as an artist, and his humor – which in the last 16 years has never failed to make us completely crack up at least once a day. That’s like 6,000 days of laughter – I mean that’s awesome.…

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The Anxiety of Kickstarter

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms are such a powerful tool for artists, musicians, filmmakers and creatives of all kinds. It’s truly changed the game for those who want to share their unique point of view, further an important cause or just plain give something unique and wonderful to the world. But for someone who has anxiety, like Howie, running a Kickstarter is also a terribly…

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Soundtrack Sneak Peek: Float Title Track

We’ve just received the final files for the soundtrack and HAD to share a preview with our Float followers. It’s truly a work of art, complimenting and enhancing the book in every way.  When I first listened to the soundtrack in it’s entirety, I was floored by how intensely beautiful it was in capturing the heart and essence of Howie’s story. It’s like a rock concept album…

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Stuck in the Emotion

Let me preface this post with the “I’m not a doctor” disclaimer. Because, seriously, I’m not a doctor. I’m more of a theorist. I love to think about the mechanics behind things to arrive at the right solution for a problem. Some people call it high instincts, but I think it’s more like paying attention. One of the key enlightenings I’ve had in learning to…

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A little share goes a long way

This is one tough world. People aren’t the most accepting about stuff like anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses. Because these manifest on the inside, they’re intangible. The truth is, it’s hard to understand stuff that isn’t visible or always obvious. And what we don’t understand, we have a hard time accepting. But, the more we talk about anxiety and other mental illnesses, the more we share our…

your glass ceiling breakthrough moment

“I found that the act of using will power to stop anxiety actually multiplies its power geometrically.  By just ceding control for a few moments, I found that many times the anxiety would simply run it’s course and end.” — Bob Share a moment you broke through #yourglassceiling to add a crack to ours.