Your Level of Pain

David meets with his doctor. The goal of therapy is to reach conclusions and find answers through discussion. David’s anxiety is increasing beyond his control and as a result his reality is distorting. Check out more Float art pages here: What is your level of  pain?

The Flesh

We’re moving into the next section of Float. In this title art from the upcoming book, we see the breakdown of the Worm and of a mind itself. This actually gives you a look at the upcoming pages too. The Kickstarter for Float launches May 1, 2017.

Anxiety Takes Over Header Image

Anxiety Takes Over

Anxiety takes over and we see David fully for the first time. He’s dived far into the inner chambers of his mind. David wants to hide from his problems and his pain. He lets Anxiety take control. He thinks Anxiety is a friend but David will learn he’s terribly wrong. You can view all of Float’s art pages here: The Float Kickstarter launches May 1st,…

Float Photo Sunday 2

Float Photo Sunday #2

Welcome to Float Photo Sunday #2! Victor is continuing work on the Float album as I’m working on the second half of the book already. We are facing creative challenges together. It feels great to work with people on this project. I’m used to going it alone. You can check out the first Float Photo sunday here: We’ll return tomorrow with a new comic…


After last week’s Float page, David dives inside his mind to escape the pain of his upcoming divorce. Anxiety has cost him another love and another beneficial relationship. His number one defense mechanism is to retreat inward. Amanda, David’s soon-to-be ex-wife, offers some final words of encouragement. Every person has their breaking point. Anxiety doesn’t just affect its victim. It also affects its victim’s friends, relatives and…

Victor Guest Howie Noel Songwriting Float

Sound of a Lifetime

Here’s a new wonderful behind-the-scenes photo of Victor and I working on the soundtrack to Float. This project will be a unique experience for the reader/listener. Victor’s music adds so much and collaborating with him has been one of the greatest artistic experiences of my life. Float’s Kickstarter launches May 1st, 2017.

For the Best

Losses are inevitable in the battle with anxiety. Sometimes it’s friends or jobs. Sometimes it’s a lover and soulmate. The ones closes to you are the fallout. We’re about to meet another star of Float. A new page will debut next Monday right here. Please check out the other Float art pages here:

Power of Anxiety

The Power of Anxiety

The simplest of tasks become complicated challenges. A gift from a friend turns into a blanket of guilt. A perfectly normal phone call is followed by an hour of exploring any possible regrets. I feel like I’m undeserving of friendship and I fear they’ll all leave me. They’ll leave me alone because of something I said so I retrace my words endlessly. What did I say?…

Anxiety Fire art

At Your Door

In last week’s comic page, after the rose bloomed from the stem of the Worm’s throat, Anxiety came knocking. This transition is symbolic of whenever I’ve faced an insurmountable pressure and loss, Anxiety appears. Anxiety waits at the door to my mind and knocks repeatedly. He wants inside to play around wreck the decor. Anxiety is unrelenting. He doesn’t get tired easily and he’s very strong.…